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Friday, April 9, 2010

a tentative menu

so we are talking about doing a secret vegan dinner club. by invitation some people can buy in to a dinner event that we will put on at my house and this is what i am thinking that i will cook. maybe you can be invited!

vegan dinner party (ideas/possibilities)

   duo or trio of southern inspired sliders on biscuits, texas toast or corn muffins

- sweet potato/tofu burger

- bbq portabello with carmelized onions

- southern style sausage + gravy

- fried green tomato with spicy mayo

entree course:

pass around family style soul food offering-

smothered fried chicken w/ onion gravy

baked mac & cheese

collard greens

dirty rice w/ sausage

fried okra

black eyed peas with chiffonade of kale (hot or cold?)

candied roasted carrots

cabbage & apple cole slaw

corn and arugula salad

dessert course:

bruleed whole peach; halved and filled with homemade vanilla icecream, pecans and lavender scented crumble


strawberry shortcake w/ fresh mint, homemade rosemary icecream


cinnamon sticky buns with cinnamon icecream