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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

scientists grow bacon from stemcells

so read this:

scientists grow bacon in a lab using stem cells from pigs

apparently some dutch scientists are using stem cells from pigs to grow meat in a lab. let's pretend that said meat is delicious. vegans-- would you eat this? the article says that it has the potential to greatly reduce the need for slaughterhouses if they could make it work. pretend that there are definitely no health risks (aside from the health risks associated with consuming any bacon) associated with this lab meat and that it tastes delicious. does it still violate your morals in regards to your food consumption?


  1. you can bake salted shiitake mushrooms to taste like bacon, no joke. and i also had tofu strips that i swore was shredded beef. really, nowadays there is no reason to eat meat except for the convenience and cost. if everyone converted to vegan it would solve so many problems.

  2. looks delicious... almost enough for me to not eat meat. almost.

    can you make this dish:

    its a favorite of mine.. cant ever make it for friends because too many vegans/veggies around.

  3. hi sarah, that king ranch recipe sounds like good stoner food!

  4. Hey Sarah, my family eats vegan food 260 days out of the year because:

    religiously we believe that depriving oneself is a key to being holy

    and we believe we are helping the world's problems through this fasting.

    so, therefore, since bacon is the height of deliciousness, it would still be considered meat, and therefore, we would abstain from it.

    But I am not sure that "religious vegan" counts. I guess you can all be the judge of that.



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