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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

so here's the deal with this vegan blog nonsense.

hi! i'm annaliese and i will taste anything. there is pretty much no food that i have ever encountered that i was too afraid to take a bite of and i can't think of anything that i will not eat. except for veal and i'm not even dogmatic about that. i'm claustrophic so i relate to the plight of the veal. i've probably only had it once in the last ten years.

lately i find myself increasingly surrounded by people with diets that are a lot less inclusive than mine. in addition to being a very enthusiastic consumer of all of the world's culinary delights i also spend a fair amount of time in my kitchen cooking for people who i think are neat. lately, i am cooking a lot of vegan and vegetarian things.

my best friend is a neurotic jewish mall goth named jenna. she's a vegetarian. jenna likes cheese, pasta and garlic bread. i'm also dating a vegan guy. he'll eat anything as long as an animal isn't involved but he still eats honey (i told him this is bad, guys!) he wants to change his name to vegetables. i'm not making this up.

anyhow-- i am not big into measuring so the recipes that i post here will be kinda loose. maybe i will get better at that as time goes on. also, keep in mind that some of these things will be a little on the trial and error side. ALSO! i eat out a lot. a lot of this eating out involves delicious vegan things. i'm gonna post about that too. this should be fun for all of us. i'm going to stop rambling, publish this post and start my vegan reuben recipe post now. =P

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