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Friday, February 12, 2010

where for art thou, vegans?

hi guys!

can you tell me how you are finding this blog? i want even more people to find it! i have two posts coming up.. one is for a vegan vegetable and "chicken" pot pie that is absolutely delicious and healthy and amazing-- the other is for vegan collard greens and fried chicken which i am cooking as i type this.

anyway! say hi and let me know how you found me.



  1. I found you on Twitter... and plan to spread the gospel.

  2. I check this blog everday. Love it.

  3. I honestly can't remember but the odds are very good it was Twitter. Coin flip, anyone?

  4. I am real good friends with Kit and started following you on twitter like a creep and then came across this and it brings joy to my life. K thnx.

  5. I found it through your twitter. and I have to say I would have loved this site when I was vegan. and I'm also amused that you're not vegan LOVES IT!

  6. i am friends with Zane.


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